A cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cosleeping, attachment mommy.

I enjoy juicing, clean eating and trying new recipes.

Currently on a weight loss journey (12 months post baby) which has been a lot harder than I expected while continuing to breastfeed.

Just moved to a new province and city 3600kms away from our small-town home on the east coast.

Also a fur-momma to two 100lb mastiff sooks.

Been known to be quite a hippy which is ironic because my partner is in the military.. but he’s a carpenter and we share a common passion for home design and renovations.

I am also a licensed esthetician, however I am more passionate about holistic remedies, therapies and nutrition than gel nails, microdermabrasion and botox. But I love a good rockabilly makeup tutorial!

I enjoy writing (or typing), have wanted to blog for a while and finally got up the nerve to “put myself out there” after being a follow-junkie for any natural mommy, green living, raw, organic, couponing, product review & giveaway blogs for a good year now. I’m catching on to what it’s all about but I apologize if I do or say anything that isn’t copacetic in the professional blogging cyberworld. I am still learning and am by no means an expert at this.

🙂 I look forward to sharing or ranting about things that are important to me and hope you enjoy!


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